On Sunday May 28th 2006, Beech Becd Park hosted their 1st annual RumbleFest. About 300 people were in attendance and the day was enjoyed by all. A break from the weekends intense heat was finaly relieved by some welcome rain. The showers were short lived. Just enough to cool us off. :) Many people filtered in throughout the day. Many were likely very tired from the late night ERT at Holiday World the night before.

The park treated us to a wonderful lunch and gave away many prizes. Jeff and the gang from GCII were on hand to awnser any questions the croud could think of. Charlotte gave a thank you speech despite some microphone troubles. In The Loop was on hand prior to lunch interviewing Charlotte and GCII. Their podcast is available for download at

The night was cool and the Kentucky Rumbler was getting faster. Jeff and his crew were our ride ops for the night and they were dispatching the Train like there was no tomorrow. Despite the many people and single train opperation, the line flew and everyone seemed to have a grwat time. Throughout the day the sounds from the Drag Strip could be heard around the park. Everyone got their Credits on the other 3 coasters, but the Kentucky Rumbler was definatly the Highlight of the event. Great job GCII.

On top of everything else, the ERT became the inauguration of the headlights on the front of the train. they are very low to the track and it is a very cool effect. When asked how they are powered, Jeff responded by saying it was a trade secret but that power was not being taken away from the train in any way. The lights became more prominent around midnight when the lights from the drag strip finally went out for the night. This is a great litle park. I look forward to a great piggy-back relationship of events between Holiday World and Beech Bend Park.

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