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On June 17th and 18th Norton Auctioneers hosted the auction for the remaining rides and equipment at Geauga Lake. To see a list of rides that are or have been relocated and the auction results, click Here. (Updated 1-20-10)
Initial reports were stating that Big Dipper was offrerd to ACE for Free. Based on this ACE News report, those claims were Not True.
I will keep this as up to date as I can, but since I was in Georgia at the time off the auction, I have been relying solely on the accounts of others and the news reports.

On September 21st, 2007 Cedar Fair announced that begining in 2008, Geauga Lake will exclusivly be a water park. The park has been renamed Geauga Lake's Wild Water Kingdom. Many rides have already been relocated with more still yet to be relocated to other proporties. Most of the rest has been auctioned off. Anything remaining will likely be leveled.

There was some concern about the long term future of even the water park proporty after the land sale brochure was first released. However, after seeing an updated brochure and comparing it to the original, I feel a little better about the parks intentions to remain and grow into a formidable waterpark.

(Updated 1-6-2009) Check out my Geauga Lake Brochures & Park Guides (Added: 7 Documents)

(Updated 1-6-2009) Check out my Geauga Lake Maps (Added 6 maps)

(Updated 9-21-2008)A Brief History of Sea World. This page is still in development. If you have any information to contribute please e-mail me.

(Updated 9-21-2008) A Detailed History of Geauga Lake. If you have any information to contribute please e-mail me.

(Added 7-6-2008) At ACE's CoasterBash XIX, ACE member Charlie Jacques presented us with a slide show and stories of his times at Geauga Lake. I did my best taking pictures, but they are photos of slides in a dark room. Anyway, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Click Here. Photos to take not of are of The Little Dipper and Cyclone. They were both located on the same spot of land. Little dipper was made by National Amusement Device and was a Cyclone Jr. model. It closed after the 1975 season. In the off season they erected Cyclone and it ran from 1976 to 1980. Some of you might know it better as Firecracker from holiday world where it ran 1981 to 1997. It was at Jolly Roger Amusement park just for 1998, then I believe it was at the IX Indoor amusement park for a few years. It currently resides at the Ohio State Fair where I finally got to ride it last year. Who knows how long this piece of Geauga Lake history will be around. It was a fun ride and I highly recommend you get to the fair this year to check it out.

For pictures from Oktoberfest on Friday September 14th, 2007 click here.

For pictures from Sunday August 12th, 2007 click here.

For pictures from Monday of Opening Day Weekend 2007, Click Here.

Click Here to see a High Resolution Scan of the Original Artists Conception of the 2 Phase Expansion for Wild Water Kingdom. This is a 9.66MB file. It may take a few minutes to load.

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