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November 2009 - Demon Drop is well on it's way to being taken down at Cedar Point. You can see the top of the ride coming down in Cedar Point's Blog. The latest drumor is that Cedar Fair was getting some bad press about putting in a 20+ year old ride at Knotts. This is a ride that was already removed from the nearby Magic Mountain. Additionaly Screamscape is reporting that someone has spotted pieces of Demon Drop showing up at Dorney Park. So, unless they just plan on storing it there, it looks like I'll be getting some construction photos at ACE's Eastcoaster in Allentown come February.

October 2009 - Nothing has been confirmed by either of the parks. But, this Buena Park city newsletter states on the second page that Knotts Berry Farm will be getting a Demon Drop ride in 2010. They also have a picture of Cedar Point's Demon Drop. This could explain why the rides listing on Ital's site was removed earlier this year.

June 2009 - Sometime in Late June or Early July of 2009, Demon Drop's listing #565 on Ital's site was removed. The ride may or may not have sold. Often times, Ital will keep the listing up with it marked as SOLD. Early on when the ride was put up for sale the park said it was being sold to make room for future expansion plans. Seeing as how the park typically works on a 5-year plan, I think it's more likely that they've decided to just take it out. Hopefuly it won't end up in the scrap heap. However, it wouldn't suprise me. So, I know I've said it before. But, you better get your last rides in while you still have the chance.

November 2005 - Mr. Hyde's Nasty Fall at Geauga Lake in Aurora, OH was dismantled after the 2005 season and parts from it are being used to maintain Demon Drop.

Fall 2005 - Demon Drop and Mr. Hyde's Nasty Fall are both listed for sale on Ital's site. Demon Drops original listing price was $250,000. This number is quickly replaces with, "call for price".

According to Wikipedia, Demon Drop at Cedar Point, The Hollywood Action Tower at Movieland in Italy, Torre do Terror at Beto Carrero World in Brazil and Free Fall at Himeji Central Park in Japan are the only remaining Intamin first generation Freefall rides in operation. It appears as though the Free Fall was removed from Toshimaen in Japan. I can't find any refrence to it on their site. I don't know what became of the ride.

Opened - May 15th, 1983

Closed - November 1st, 2009

Manufactured By: Intamin Company, Inc., Switzerland

Cost - $2,500,000

Height - 131'

Length of Drop - 99'

Freefall Drop - 60'

Drop Angle - 90°

Speed of Drop - 55 MPH

Speed of Lift - 18 FPS

Capacity - 4 People Per Vehicle

Ride Height Requirement - 48"

Demon Drop's Ridership over the years
2009 - Not released yet.
2008 - 472,937
2007 - 503,438
2006 - 487,073
2005 - 625,116
2004 - 616,065
2003 - 605,429
2002 - 623,391
2001 - 628,338
2000 - 595,038
1999 - 602,055
1998 - 641,934
1997 - 627,902
1996 - 770,298
Numbers before 1996 are not available.

Here is a shot of the Entrance to Demon Drop

Here is a shot of the Station on Demon Drop

Here is a shot on the Left side of Demon Drop

Here is another shot on the Left side of Demon Drop

Here is a shot on the Right side of Demon Drop

Here is a shot from the Front of Demon Drop

Here is another shot from the Front of Demon Drop

Here is a shot looking Up at Demon Drop

Here is a shot of the car Ready to drop

Here is a shot to the car Falling on Demon Drop

Here is another shot to the car Falling on Demon Drop

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