The Following Links will take you to a scaned copy of my 1974 Cedar Point Resort Brochure. Enjoy :)

This brochure was unfortunatly glued to something at one time. Maybe a scrap book. I'm trying to figure out how to remove the glue without ruining the brochure. Any sugestions would be appretiated.

Also, I'm not exactly sure of the year. However, I'm fairly certain the car in the picture is 1973 Monte Carlo so the brochure is probably not a 1973. The Jumbo Jet is mentioned and it closed after 1978, so the brochure is no newer than 1978. The Cedar Point Cinema which was new in 1975 is not mentioned, the Corkscrew which opened in 1976 is not mentioned, and the Gemini which opened in 1978 is not mentioned. So in all likely hood, this brochure is probably from 1974. Thanks Walt for all your help in determining it's date.



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